Tip Tuesday • Do Something this Week that Makes You Smile 🙂

This is very self explanatory! A few ideas— take a long bath, get to bed early, or maybe get wild and stay up late! Set a timer and just sit for 10 minutes, even if it’s in a place that requires you to hide from your kids! Do SOMETHING, anyyything, to make you smile.

I personally do not enjoy the month of January. It’s actually really hard for me. The cold. The dreary skies. I’m just not a fan.

So I look for ways to make it bearable. Bright pink nails instantly puts a smile on my face. THEN today I got wild with smileys. I’ve never been happier with a nail decision. 😂

And of course— my smile bracelet from @bandsofcolorbracelets is a staple, especially in January!


PS— let it be known this is my last time hand modeling. Hahaa!