Tip Tuesday • Our Favorite Treat

Tip Tuesday • Favorite Treat


Tip Tuesday • Looking for a fun and easy treat…look no further!

This recipe comes from the archives of our family favorites recipe book. Our friends introduced us to these growing up and now our pantry always has the staples on hand. 

We call them “belly buttons” but I’m sure there is a “real” name for them!

The best part is they work for any holiday, thanks to all the different m&m options now!🤣

Here is the recipe•
❤️Bag of pretzels— we prefer the square ones for a little more salt to sweet ratio.
❤️Hershey Kisses

Preheat oven to 375. Lay out your pretzels. Top with a kiss. Cook for 90 seconds. As soon as they get out, press in a m&m!

You can eat warm, or let them cool down! Enjoy! 💕